Darmiyan Inc.

Darmiyan Inc. has combined the latest in computational neuroscience and digital health technologies with medical imaging to create BrainSee, an aid to physicians evaluating brain health.  

BrainSee is an FDA breakthrough-designated prognostic tool that applies powerful artificial intelligence and advanced modeling to individual patient’s brain MRI. For researchers, family physicians, geriatricians, neurologists and other care providers, BrainSee shows the likelihood of a patient with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) developing Alzheimer’s dementia in the next five years. Darmiyan’s core technology has been patented in both the US & Japan and is the first virtual microscope of human brain tissue. North American hospitals and clinics such as Stanford U and Baycrest have validated BrainSee’s accuracy and consistency. Darmiyan is interested in collaborating with pharmaceutical companies to expedite drug development. For more information, visit https://darmiyan.com.