Accelerating Cognitive Impairment Assessment and Advanced Diagnostics

By Edward I. Ginns, MD, Ph.D., DABCC It’s been one year since Medicare began reimbursing primary care physicians for assessments of cognitive impairment disorders and provision of care-coordination services. Given that research shows providers are not identifying cognitive impairment in up to 50 percent of their cognitively impaired patients — and that about 30 percent […]

My Five Wishes for the Tough Conversation about Advance Directives

by Aryana Khalid  Making decisions about the end of your life is complicated. And it’s even more complicated if you wait until you are really sick to make those decisions. It’s hard to have these types of discussions with our loved ones when the end seems inevitable.  It’s hard for us to think about our […]

New Issue Brief Looks at Medicaid and Dementia: Shows Vital Role for Millions of Americans

At a time of high-profile fiscal and health policy debates in Washington and in state capitals, a leading coalition today released a new Issue Brief showing the vital role of Medicaid in providing essential medical and support services for individuals and families impacted by Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Read more.

LEAD Coalition Urges CMS Innovation Center to Test and Scale Evidence-Based Dementia Programs and Services

One hundred twenty seven LEAD Coalition member organizations and supporters submitted a public comment to the CMS Innovation Center, in response to its Request For Information, urging the Innovation Center to test and scale evidence-based programs and services that would assist people living with dementia and their caregivers. To read the letter, click here.